Pool Fences & Installations in Yonkers, NY

Kids Safe Pool Fence is the top choice for pool fence installations in Yonkers. If you have small children, toddlers, or pets in your house, pool safety should be your top priority. That’s why we only offer families with the safest and strongest mesh pool fence which can be installed with accessories that can provide some added safety around an in-ground or above ground pool.

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Our Pool Fence Installation Process in Yonkers, NY

  1. Schedule your FREE pool fence estimate by calling Bob at (914) 357-8480 or fill out our contact us form on this page.
  2. We connect you with our pool safety specialist & schedule your onsite estimates.
  3. We will go to your location and proceed with the estimates.
  4. During our visit, we will provide you different pool fence options as well as available pool safety upgrades you can choose from.
  5. Actual installation of your pool fencing.

At Kids Safe, our pool fence installers in Yonkers, NY are the highest trained individuals in the field. You can be sure your job will be done right the first time. Contact us today! Call (914) 357-8480 to request your FREE mesh pool fence quote.


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    Life Saver Pool Fence: Keeping little feet on solid ground for over 37 years.

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    Pool Safety Products & Accessories

    Along with our Kids Safe Pool Fence installation services, we also provide the following accessories and replacement parts:

    Pool Fence Solar Lights

    Our Fence Post Solar Lights are great for lighting up your pool area and backyard. With lights that fit on top of the fence pole, they feature a white LED with 3 levels of brightness and replace the existing pole cap on your Pool Fence. The lights are made of strong, durable plastic and are powered by a rechargeable AAA battery that provides up to an 8 hour run time.


    The Omni Hanger is specifically designed to hang wet towels or bathing suits, pool nets, skimmers and more.  The omni hanger is made out of strong material, so do not worry about the integrity of the fence getting affected. To install you simply need to slip the hanger over your Kids Safe Pool Fence.

    Pool Alarms

    Above Ground Pool Alarm – Kids Safe Pool Fence offers an above-ground pool alarm that is NSF Certified to the ASTM F2208 Pool Alarm Standard. This “Safety Buoy” floats on the water and uses Sub Surface Detection Technology. “Safety Buoy ” comes with an In-House Remote Receiver, has a 1-year warranty, and is Made in the USA. The safety buoy is operated using the Red key mechanism and is designed to detect intrusions in the water body (for example- small children). Your children are precious. Make sure you never leave them unattended, leading to an unfavorable situation.

    In-Ground Pool Alarm – For pool owners, an in-ground pool alarm is one of the best safety measures, in addition to a pool fence enclosure. Safe, simple, and easy to operate, these battery-powered alarms do not require attachments like ropes or tie-downs. These devices use the “NEGATIVE DISPLACEMENT TECHNOLOGY” sensing method. Any entry into the pool by children, pets, or intruders is detected by the unit’s electronic sensor, setting off a loud, pulsating alarm both in the home and at the pool.

    Replacement Pool Fence Poles

    Replacement poles are meant to be used with our Pool Fence backyard pool safety system and can be used with the 4-foot Pool Fence fencing. The pool safety fence pole is made of aluminum and comes with a 1/2-inch stainless steel pin that fits into the 5/8-inch holes on the fence.

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    Life Jacket Hangers

    Installing life jacket hangers on your pool fence will ensure your children’s life jackets are easily accessible during pool time. This way you can ensure they are safe when they are in the pool area and never have to spend time searching for this safety equipment.

    If you are interested in having safe, affordable pool fence equipment and replacements, Kids Safe Pool Fence can provide the help and service that you need to safely enjoy your pool, backyard, and family.

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