Pool Fence Requirements in Connecticut

In the U.S.A State of Connecticut, code requires that you have a swimming pool fence.

Summary of code:

  • Every person who owns land with a pool (24 inches or more of water in depth) shall “erect and maintain” a 4 foot enclosure that includes a self-closing, self-latching gate that surrounds the property OR the pool area itself.
  • The enclosure must make bodies of water inaccessible to small children.
  • In addition, a pool alarm is required such that if a person or object of 15 pounds in weight enters the water, the pool alarm must emit an audible warning 50 decibels or higher.
  • Openings in the barrier should not allow passage pf a 4 inch diameter sphere
  • For any barriers composed of lattice, the maximum opening allowed should not be more than 1 3/4 inches
  • The maximum vertical clearance between the grade and the bottom of the barrier shall be two inches (measured on the side of the barrier which faces away from the pool)
  • Where the top of the pool is above grade e.g. in an above ground pool, the barrier can be at ground level or mounted on top of the pool structure however where the barrier is mounted on top of the pool structures, the max vertical distance between top of pool structure and bottom of the barrier shall be 4 inches.


The above is a sampling of all of the regulations and code. We advise that you always speak to your local Town/City government to fully understand ALL of the current laws and code. We can also help you obtain the correct code when you call.

Official Posted Requirements:

Section 421 of the State of Connecticut Building Code
CGS PA – 140

Source: https://www.norwalkct.org/DocumentView.aspx?DID=900

Every person owning land on  which there is situated a swimming pool, which contains
twenty-four (24) inches or more of water in depth at any point, shall erect and maintain
thereon a 4’0” enclosure with a self closing, self latching gate surrounding the property or
pool area, sufficient to make such body of water inaccessible to small children. In
addition to the required enclosure, a pool alarm is required by public act 99-140 that
states when a person or object of 15 lbs. enters the water the pool alarm must emit a
sound of at least 50 decibels.

The laws and building regulations of the State of Connecticut and the City of Norwalk
shall at all times have precedence over drawings and specifications. Anything contrary to
said laws and regulations that may at any time appear in drawings and specifications, or
in the work as executed, shall be corrected without delay upon the receipt of due notice
from the Building Inspector. The granting of a permit for the proposed work shall not be
assumed or construed any right or permission to do anything contrary to the laws and
regulations of the aforesaid, under any circumstances.

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