Mesh Pet Fence and Dog Run Installations in Connecticut and Westchester County, NY

mesh pet fence installations CT & Westchester, NYJust like kids, our pets may sometimes be naughty and excitedly wander their way to the swimming pool area. While dogs are generally good swimmers, some smaller breeds are not able to swim or climb up the pool ladders. So if you are living in Connecticut and Westchester, NY area and own a swimming pool in the backyard, installing a pool safety mesh pet fence is a great idea to keep your pet safe.

English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, Corgis, Basset Hounds, Pekinese, and Daschunds are popular breeds that are not good swimmers and need supervision around water bodies. Many dogs may also be suffering from a health condition like impaired vision or hearing, surgeries, or a skin condition so that they need special care and vigilance near a pool area.

A pet fence for pool safety from Life Saver Pool Fence is your best bet against your precious pet’s water accidents.

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Keep Your Pets Safe with A Life Saver Pool Fence

Pets become a vital part of our lives, just like any other family member. Their safety is our responsibility. Dogs tend to be pesky beasts jumping at the sight of water. The accidental drowning instances of pets are not uncommon. Installing a reliable mesh pet fence system around your pool area will prevent the dog from accessing the swimming pool site. Also, if you have a fenced enclosure around your water body, dogs cannot enter and cause a mess in the area.

Letting Kids Safe install your Life Saver Pool Fence is the best way to protect your pet and keep your swimming area clean and hygienic.


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    Why Install Life Saver Pet Pool Safety Fence for Your Home

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    Life Saver pool fences are not just being used as a swimming pool safety mesh, they can serve a multitude of purposes.

    • You can mark a safe area of play for your dog and you can limit the space that your pet uses as a bathroom.
    • The pool mesh acts as a safety barrier and prevents your dog from damaging the pool liner or cover.
    • You can supervise your fur pets while working in the garage or basement while they play gleefully in their marked
    • The fence can be increased to a custom height so that these adorable animals do not jump off the fence unsupervised.
    • Older, ailing, or weak pets may have a difficulty in clear vision and are at risk of falling off in the pool. A pet mesh pool fence will barricade your pool area and you must keep the pool gates closed at all times to prevent the pets from entering unguarded.

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    Custom Mesh Pet Fence Installation by Kids Safe

    Our pet fences are available in 42” standard sizes are the most commonly requested height for our removable pet pool safety fences. This size is ideal as it can prevent most breeds of dogs and other pets from accessing the pool. However, we also customize pool fence sizes and height as per the client’s requirement.

    If you own a large size pet, a jumper, or a shorter pet and you need a specific height fence to accommodate your pet, just let us know. We can discuss this at your consultation and install a fence that serves the best height for your backyard.

    Install A Life Saver Pet Pool Safety Fence For Your Connecticut or Westchester, NY Home

    Kids Safe is an authorized dealer and installer of Life Saver Pool Fences in Connecticut and New York. We have over 20 years of experience in installing the strongest available pool safety fences. Once you get in touch with us, our professional pet fence installer will visit your home and discuss the location, length, color, and other specifications of your pet safety fence. We will work with you to custom design the exact fence for your individual needs.

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