Child Proofing Services in Connecticut & Westchester County

Looking for a baby proofing company serving Connecticut and the Westchester County, NY area? We have provided professional baby proofing services for well over 15 years.

Let’s face it, keeping your baby or toddler safe from harm can be a daunting task. There many dangers that can be found in and around your home which can make it very a difficult task to make your home safe for your child. While there are things we can do as parents on our own, baby safety gates, attaching furniture to a wall, window safety, and fireplace safety are best left to the professionals.

In fact, some parents will take on some of these tasks themselves like installing safety gates or safety locks, but if you purchase a product yourself and install it incorrectly it can be just as dangerous as not having it at all. This is why you should consider calling in a childproofing expert to ensure the safety measures you purchased are installed correctly. This is where Kids Safe excels. We have extensive experience in helping parents create a safe environment for their children greatly reducing any possible chance of injury.

Our Process begins with a Home Safety Evaluation

A home safety evaluation is a thorough assessment of potential hazards in and around your home.  This safety evaluation is a great tool that families can use to discover what concrete steps you need to take so that your home is as safe as possible for everyone in your family, in any situation that arises.

During one of our comprehensive Home Safety Evaluations, we can show you where the dangers lie in and around your home and assist you in choosing the correct child safety products tailored to meet your baby’s needs. Our Home Safety Evaluation consists of an easy to read room by room breakdown of your home by a trained safety consultant and an itemized list with all costs including labor.

Kids Safe Childproofing and our fully trained staff of babyproofers have been at work making homes safe for children for over 20 years throughout Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. Our Home Safety Evaluation will give you an easy-to-read room by room breakdown showing all the potential risks that may confront your child on a daily basis.

The evaluation will have a list of all the products we have recommended to babyproof your home from top to bottom. You will also receive a free safety slide chart that you can refer to on a daily basis giving you timely safety tips you can use every day. Once we receive an approval from you giving us the go ahead, we can schedule an installation date. Same day installations are available. To schedule your home safety evaluation in Connecticut or Westchester, call us at (203) 925-8622.


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    You will also receive a free home safety slide chart that you can use every day for up to date safety tips. 
Once we are finished with our evaluation of your home you will have the knowledge to move forward knowing you have Kids Safe to help you and your family every step of the way.

    Areas of Your Home We Evaluate

    When evaluating your home, we will go through every part of your home, however, we pay particular attention to areas and items including the:

    • Kitchen
    • Bedroom
    • Bathrooms
    • Laundry room
    • Garage
    • Doors, windows, stairways, and other potentially dangerous home furnishings
    • Electrical outlets and wiring
    • Back and front yards, pool, and other outdoor areas

    An accident or injury can happen anywhere in your home. Some safety hazards are obvious — like a toy sitting at the top of the stairs. However, others, may not be as easy to identify like a stairway railing that has become loose over time.

    Ask us about the latest safety products available. Commonly placed child safety products include:

    • Safety Gates
    • Cabinets Latches
    • Fireplace Guards
    • Toilet Latches
    • Corner Guards for Tables
    • Refrigerator Door Locks
    • Door Knob Covers
    • Stove Knob Covers
    • Safety Straps for Furniture
    • Sliding Door Latches
    Fireplace Door Guard

    When you receive our itemized home safety estimate you can either call or email us to let us know how you would like to proceed. Once your installation date has been scheduled we will send one of our product safety installers out to your home who will then install the safety items chosen to protect your child.

    The fact that Kids Safe is an active member of The International Association of Child Safety and the Safe Kids Coalition keeps us up to date on all the latest safety recommendations as well as the release of any safety products that are new to our marketplace.

    Kids Safe is here for you now and will still be there down the road as your child’s safety needs change. All of our safety products are purchased directly by Kids Safe from the manufacturer’s which saves you money. Let our 15 years of experience help you find a cost-effective way to make your home a safe place for you and your children.

    Baby Proof your Home Today – Stop Accidents Before They Happen

    We provide childproofing services to parents and grandparents throughout Connecticut and Westchester County, NY, so reach out and call (203) 925-8622 today to speak to Owner Bob Baker.