Life Saver Pool Fence

The Fence

Life Saver Pool Fence is a removable mesh fence designed specifically to provide a barrier around residential swimming pools for toddlers and young children. Installed in 15ft sections to provide convenience for easy removal and reinstallation by the homeowner. Each section is connected to the next by a nickle plated latch which will never rust, tarnish or corrode. This unique design can easily be used by left and right handed parents.

The fence is constructed of a polyester mesh fabric called Textilene. Textilene is the strongest mesh available. It has a mildew resistant polyvinyl coating to provide years of use in direct sunlight. The mesh has a continuous basket weave with a tensile strength of 270 lbs per inch making it impossible to to tear under normal use. It is bordered on all four sides with a reinforced vinyl material which is quadruple stitched using a marine grade thread which has a tensile strength of 387 lbs to prevent sagging.

The mesh is attached to an aluminum solid core reinforced pole using stainless steel screws. Each pole has a baked on powder coated finish and is capped to provide a neat finished appearance.


People hear about drownings on the news all the time, but it always seems to be someone else’s child. Don’t make that mistake. Take control of your swimming pool. You decide when its time for your children to enter the pool.


With Life Saver Pool Fence’s lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against material defects you know you will never have to worry about any problems with your fence. Removable mesh pool fencing has proven itself time and time again over the last 30 years in tens of thousands of homes to be the safest, most convenient layer of protection against the dangers swimming pools can pose to your toddler.

At Kids Safe our installers are the highest trained individuals in the field. You can be sure your job will be done right the first time.