Kitchen Safety

Kids Safe Childproofing sells and installs all products shown on this page

Oven Lock

Help’s prevent tot’s from opening conventional and microwave ovens. It attaches to the side and front of your oven with a special high heat-adhesive. To un-lock just squeeze the two prongs and swing out the front part of the latch.

Stove Guard

This durable shield helps prevent tots from reaching hot burners, pot and pan handles and utensils placed on top of the stove. It mounts to the front, side or top of your stove with special high-heat adhesive. Made of sturdy, heat-resistant plastic. Fits 24″ to 36″ wide stoves.

Safety Appliance Latch

The Safety Appliance Latch is the best solution around to help keep your toddler from opening the refrigerator. To open, just push the door handle in and then release the latch. Also works on dryers. Installs easily with special heavy-duty mounting adhesive. Choose: white or clear.

Stove Knob Locks

These special locks keep knobs locked in the off position. They install underneath the knob and prevent it from twisting or turning. When you’re ready to cook, simply slide ouy the lock. Great for gas grills, too!

Kidsafe Deluxe Safety Latch

The KidSafe Deluxe Safety Latch has a heavy-duty buckle that baffles little fingers! It’s great for your refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, washing machine, dryer, stereo and file cabinets. Attaches to the sides or tops of appliances with special two-sided adhesive. Select Black or White. Not for use on ovens.

Stove Knob Covers

Help prevent your child from turning on stove burners. Our clear plastic covers lock onto both gas and electric stove knobs up to 2 1/4″ in diameter. Child -resistant, yet adults can easily remove them when needed.

Dishwasher Guard

This clear, durable shield helps keep kids from reaching unsafe items and hot water inside your dishwasher and from playing with the buttons, too! It covers the entire control panel and a heavy-duty locking buckle allows adult access. Easily installs without any tools or adhesives. Select cover with Black or White strap.